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The People of Redding, CA

Shoestring Singles

Downscale, striving singles.
Struggling urban singles that are on a tight budget, making minimum wage and working in service jobs. Most have a high school education or lower and most rent.

Humble Class

Lower-income couples.
Mixed educational status with some having a high school education and some college. Occupations range from service work to the professional sector.

Ramen Metros

Lower-income urban singles.
Most rent their apartment or condo. Some have a college education and work in services and the professional sector.

Working Class

Urban families drawing a mid-scale income.
A higher percentage own their own homes. Education varies from high school to college with some holding mid-management positions.

Aspiring Urbanites

Urban singles with moderate income.
Low- to middle-income singles over a wide age range. Some have a college education. They work in a variety of occupations, including some management-level positions.